The "Two Sisters" of Life: Planting Squash & Beans Together

Since it's too late for me to plant corn this year, I'm planting squash and beans together in one container, in what I like to call the "Two Sisters" method. Next year, I'm going to try all three, Corn, Squash and Beans, which is the traditional "Three Sisters" method.

I planted a Black Zucchini and a Lemon Cucumber in 15x15 in./ 38x38 cm. containers and stuck 5 bamboo poles around the edge of each container. I then placed one pre-soaked bean seed at the base of each pole. I'm using Cherokee Trail of Tears and Hidatsa Shield Figure pole beans (see previous post for more details.)

I fixed the poles together using galvanized wire.

I've since placed these containers in a sunny spot against my balcony railing, since the beans will eventually climb to 10 ft./3 m. or more.